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Geronimo's Laptop

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Book Details

Publisher: Amazon
Publication Date: May 27, 2023
Paperback: 246 pages

Language: English






Geronimo's Laptop is a historical fantasy in which I use a laptop to enable Geronimo to go backward and forward in Apache history. I am not a historian, but a novelist. This book will entertain young and old as it tells the history of Geronimo and the Apache people. Suitable for all. I hope you all get a chance to read it when it comes out. Geronimo's Laptop is an extension of the play, Geronimo, Life on the Reservation starring Rudy Ramos (High Chaparral, Yellowstone, and more) and directed by Steve Railsback. This play, in 2021, was recognized as one of The Los Angeles Times 19 Culture Picks.
After his arrival at the Fort Sill Indian Reservation in Oklahoma, Geronimo uses a magical laptop and his keen memory to tell the history of the Chiricahua Apaches from his point of view.

Before he surrendered, Geronimo was a master war strategist. After his incarceration, the remarkable Apache adapts and becomes a sharp observer of how the white man thinks. Especially the white man who is president. How can he get President Theodore Roosevelt to let him take his people back to their home in Arizona?

Unfortunately, his powerful opponent has no love for Indians. Especially Geronimo. Unable to change the president’s mind without help, he uses the laptop to send emails to Lt. Gatewood, the officer he grew to trust when he was a prisoner at Fort Apache. Geronimo is counting on the lieutenant to advise him on his problems with Teddy Roosevelt. 

Because of pressure from businessmen who see a profit to be made by using the  famous Apache to draw crowds, the government allows Geronimo to leave the reservation to make public appearances in Wild West shows, expos, and fairs all over the country. Geronimo sees his new popularity as a tool to help him change the president’s mind about setting his people free.

As his popularity grows, trains begin to carry eager visitors to the reservation who seek out the famous Indian to hear his side of the Apache story. Geronimo hopes his increased popularity will make President Roosevelt look more fondly upon him.



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