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A One-way Cruise to Africa: Terror on the Internet

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Book Details

Publisher: N/A
Publication Date: April 23, 2020
Language: English
ISBN-10: N/A
ISBN-13: N/A




A One-way Cruise to Africa, Terror on the Internet, is written with a light hand and is an entertaining, cautionary tale for Young Adult readers (16-29) and up. The plot centers around a young woman, Anney, who posts too much personal information about herself on the Internet. It doesn’t take long for Maku, a sex trafficker, to find her. The story has no explicit sex; its purpose is to raise awareness, entertain, and bring attention to the growing problem of sex trafficking in this country and the world.

Like all my books, it's loaded with characters, including:

Anney, new to the big city and lonely; Bentley, an FBI agent who specializes in computer crimes; Jeremy and Paul, two gay friends that Bentley has known since high school who alert him that Annie is in trouble; Jack, an FBI agent who brings his tuxedo cat to work with him when he works late just in case there’s an earthquake; Grinner, an undercover FBI agent who doesn't carry a gun, he just uses charm and a killer grin when he’s on a case; Flash, a young computer genius who works with the FBI to put the pieces of the case together; Maku, the sex trafficker; and Jean, who finds and delivers women for Maku in the United States to be sold around the world.

So how does a One-way Cruise to Africa that starts at a Gay Pride Parade in Seattle end up in Historic Tombstone, Arizona? You won't believe it! Cowboy boots are suggested, but not required, when you read this contemporary Western adventure. Suspense/Romance. Kindle.

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